• Sawai is a Kampung Inggris, but how can it grow as a pioneer like Kediri and Pare? (Not the Jargon We Need, but the Axiology to Label Sawai)

    Thobias Sarbunan (see profile)
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    The goal of the Kampung Inggris paper was to investigate any differences in the methodological and conceptual framework of the English course. It was based on non-formal educational institution administration and thus adaptable to different language course initiators, such as Sawai Village. The chronology in this article, on the other hand, was mostly based on information on grants for community service in Sawai village and the absence that followed the service. As a consequence, it focuses on learning about non-formal educational institution development, research and development of English language course institutions, and the formation of English language course institutions in distant areas. Through the in vestigation of scientific papers on the Google Scholar database, with the year of publication covered in 2022 as the major study period, the qualitative paradigm was highlighted in the literature review approach. In a series of research based on scientific inquiries, it was shown that the growth of English language course institutions was not exclusively dependent on the goals and linguistic abilities of the initiator. But it went beyond that, the initiator was capable of cooperative action with a valuable network that intersects mutually to promote graduate outcomes and course programs. Besides, combined with the most recent literacy, managerial skills, awareness of innovation, research and development competency, and expect.
    The research method that was used, the explorative research method with the library research strategy, fostered the qualitative paradigm. Then, the study selection parameters were updated to the year of publication, 2022, and the Google Scholar database was integrated as an article data search.
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