• Critical Issues In The Parole System Of India

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    The parole system is a penological modification or innovation as a process of reformative means for a successful rehabilitation and for a better future both for that individual and for the whole society. This paper deals with the parole system in the Indian context and when we talk about the parole system in Indian context then it contains both positive and negative sides. This paper also tries to evaluate the merits and demerits of that system in the both individual and societal context. In the parole system, there are mainly two issues the first is the refusal of parole on insufficient grounds and the second is the misuse of parole. First we will see the misuse of parole system. Parole sometimes looks like a route to escape then also will discuss the issue in context of refusal of parole. Lastly on the basis of few landmark decisions we will conclude the whole scenario in a remedial context that how we can cure the issues from this system in the form suggestions. Keywords- Parole, Sentence, Jail Administration, Reformative means
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