• 'A Man of God is in this Town' (1 Sam. 9:6): Princeton Years of the Ethiopian Patriarch Abuna Paulos (1936 – 2012)

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    Abuna Paulos was for twenty years the patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church with its 40 million members. Elected in 1992 after the downfall of the communist Derg regime, he was an energetic, though controversial leader active as an advocate for peace in his country and in the region, ecumenically engaged on a global scale, and deeply concerned about social issues. He served as an Honorary President of "Religions for Peace," as one of the seven presidents of the World Council of Churches, and was awarded the Nansen Medal of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in 2006. During his earlier years he spent almost twenty years at Princeton Theological Seminary, earning a Th.M. degree in 1970 and starting work on a doctoral level in 1972. His studies were interrupted when he was called home by his church in 1974 to be consecrated as a bishop, but then was imprisoned by the Derg for six years. Released in 1982, he returned to Princeton, established several Ethiopian exile congregations in the US and Canada and finished his Ph.D. degree in 1988 after defending his dissertation on Marian teachings and practices in the Ethiopian tradition. During his entire time at Princeton I was his primary adviser and came to appreciate his human qualities, his persistence and his character.
    This was the Frederick Neumann Memorial Lecture 2018 delivered at the Theron Room of Wright Library, Princeton Theological Seminary, on April 20, 2018 as part of the celebration of an Abune Paulos memorial jointly sponsored by the Seminary and the Ethiopian Orthodox community in the Northeastern United States. A video of the occasion is available on the Princeton Seminary website
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