• Beyond the Fountain: Mapping a New Entrypoint to the Society of Independent Artists

    Miranda Siler (see profile)
    Computer art, History, Art, Digital humanities, Research, Methodology
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    New Voices in the Profession
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    Chicago, IL
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    2022 ARLIS/NA Conference, Digital art history, Mapping, Art history, Digital humanities research and methodology
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    "Beyond the Fountain” is a digital humanities project being created by the author in order to fulfill the requirements of a Master’s-level art history thesis. It will create a new entrypoint into the history of the Society of Independent Artists by utilizing data from the first exhibition catalogue. The project seeks to align with the original democratic spirit of the show, giving each artist an equal opportunity to be discovered through an interactive map. At the back of the 1917 catalogue is a list of names and addresses belonging to society members. A map created from this data will function as an entrypoint for further research. Possible lines of inquiry include finding clusters, thereby exposing hyper-local artist communities; searching for artists from a particular location; or looking for outliers and researching how they learned of the Society of Independent Artists. Overall, the goal of “Beyond the Fountain” is to explore the Society of Independent Artists in a new way, with an emphasis on bringing lesser-known artists to light. As the exhibition displayed the artists’ work in a non-hierarchical order, so will the map, using coordinates instead of the alphabet. Keeping with the spirit of “no jury, no prizes,” this map can help to disrupt the narrative that a “homogenous group of men” was responsible for the modern art movement in America. The hope is that “Beyond the Fountain” will spark new discussions, research, and points of view relating not only to the exhibition itself, but twentieth century American art more broadly. Presented as part of New Voices in the Profession panel.
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