• Child Rights: Right Not To Be Hit

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    Children are like wet cement whatever falls on them makes an impression." - Haim Ginnot Children must be treated with equality, respect and dignity, not just because they are 'the future of the nation', but also because they are human beings who are born with fundamental freedom and rights even today. A child has to be given protection against various factors, which cover issues relating to sexual abuse, human trafficking, health services, life and survival matters, inhumane treatment and detention etc. Many countries allow parents and teachers to hit their children to bring discipline, which often results in adverse outcomes. In this paper, the authors will be dealing with child rights concerning the 'Right not to be hit'. The paper explains the consequences of the usage of Corporal punishment in schools as well as in-home against the children. The researcher has also made a comparative analysis of the global perspective toward the ban on such Corporal Punishment. The paper also examines various statutes in India. Finally, the authors give suggestions to control and prohibit the usage of corporal punishments. Keywords: Corporal Punishments, Mental Health, Ban, Parents & Teachers, UNCRC, NCPRC & SCPRC.
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