• Here today, gone tomorrow: A case study on the necessity for a more rigorous approach to the preservation of online Irish cultural and political heritage

    Sharon C. Healy (see profile)
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    Conference paper
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    Institutions and Ireland: Public Cultures
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    Making Ireland Research Theme Conference Series, Trinity Long Room Hub for Arts and Humanities Research Institute
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    Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
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    27 October 2016
    Government websites, Legal deposit, Link rot, web archives
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    Following on the heels of other western societies for a radicalisation of copyright in the digital age, Richard Bruton, who was the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the time, established the Copyright Review Committee (CRC) in May 2011. While there were several tasks set for the CRC, one of its main functions was to examine the current state of national copyright legislation and to “identify any areas that are perceived to create barriers to innovation” (Modernising Copyright, 2013: 8). The CRC subsequently produced the report Modernising Copyright in October 2013 which offered modern solutions to Ireland’s outdated copyright laws. Yet, to date, the Irish government has failed to introduce up-to-date legislation based on the recommendations of the CRC report. This paper is concerned with the CRC recommendations for the introduction of digital legal deposit to current legal deposit institutions, and further to this, that such institutions should be permitted to “make copies of our online digital heritage by reproducing any work that is made available in the State through the internet” (Modernising Copyright, 2013: 14). It is our duty to ensure that future generations of Irish society have access to accurate and unimpeded accounts of their historical past. By means of a comprehensive analysis of link rot in current Irish government departmental websites; this paper presents a case study to demonstrate the necessity for a more rigorous approach to the preservation of online cultural and political heritage.
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