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    Christiane Wagner (see profile)
    Architectural History and Theory, Cultural Studies, Digital Humanists, Film Studies, Postcolonial Studies
    Environment (Aesthetics), Art--Environmental aspects, Art and science, Art, Cities and towns
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    Environmental aesthetics, Art and environment, Urban art
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    The focus of this issue is on environmental aesthetics, with the aim of exploring the various aspects of aesthetic appreciation. Environmental Aesthetics: Socio-Territorial Conflicts throughout Media is part of a session that I organized at the IV International ISA Forum, Porto Alegre, held on February 23–27, 2021, for the Research Committee on Sociology of Communication, Culture and Knowledge (ISA-RC14). This committee has a long history of research results and activities. Among its most renowned founding presidents are Kurt Wolff and Edgar Morin. The committee pertains to the International Sociological Association (ISA). The ISA is a member of the International Science Council and enjoys the status of non-governmental organization in formal associate relations with UNESCO as well as special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. The approach of philosophical aesthetics with the social sciences is part of my research process related to social reality, environmental, and urban issues with the arts. Environmental aesthetics has been gaining increasing attention since the late 20th century.
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