• Can Pliny be one of the muses? How Pliny could support scholarly writing

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    Digital Humanities 2009
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    University of Maryland
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    College Park, Maryland
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    22-25 June 2009
    Annotation, Digital humanities research and methodology
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    Compressed from DH 2009 proceedings: In Bradley 2008a the software Pliny is described as a tool to support traditional scholarship, which, in turn, is assumed to be based on the reading of primary and secondary texts and the eventual writing of new secondary texts that describe an interpretation that has emerged in the scholar’s mind as s/he worked with his/her materials. In that paper I described mechanisms – there called affordances – that the software system Pliny provides to support personal annotation and the use of personal annotation to support the development of an interpretation. Here I would like to focus on strategies that could be built into Pliny to assist its user in the transformation of materials that s/he has put into Pliny into a traditional prose text. Work in Pliny so far in this area has been influenced mostly by some of Marshall and Shipman’s work and has centered on recognising the challenges inherent in taking a 2-D Pliny representation of an interpretation and expressing it satisfactorily in the seeming essentially 1-D temporal context of scholarly writing. The questions to be asked, then, are (a) what are the intellectual challenges to taking a holistic 2D model of an interpretation of the kind one can build in Pliny and turning it into a text, and can Pliny assist this in ways better than it does now, and (b) what issues arise in the transformation of private materials such as one accumulated in Pliny into a public text, and can Pliny help there more than it does now. I’d be delighted to hear ideas from conference attendees.
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