• Evidence for medical relations between Egypt and Ḫatti: a brief overview

    Marco De Pietri (see profile) , Elena Urzì
    Egyptology, Hittitology
    Medicine, Egyptology
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    Conference proceeding
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    Current Research in Egyptology 2019
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    University of Alcalá de Henarez
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    Alcalá de Henarez
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    17–21 June 2019
    Egyptian medicine, herbalists, Pariamaḫu, Egypto-Hittite relationships, Egypto-Hittite correspondence, Hittitology
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    Some Egyptian and Hittite documents refer to the exchange of medical knowledge; on one hand, Egypt sent physicians and medical ingredients to the Hittite land; on the other, the Hittites provided Egypt with raw materials used to prepare remedies for healing purposes. The Egypto-Hittite correspondence frequently mentions the dispatch of medicines to cure the sicknesses of members of the Hittite royal family, and the Amarna letters had already reported the exchange of medical notions and remedies. Egyptian physicians were needed by the Hittites on many occasions, e.g. to cure the sterility of the Hittite princess Matanazi, or to treat ocular diseases affecting Ḫattušili III and Kurunta of Tarḫuntašša. Despite official and propagandistic accounts of political events, connections between Egypt and Ḫatti were strong including those in the field of medicine. This paper offers an overview of such relationships, reconsidering the work of previous studies in the light of both the Egyptian and the Hittite documentation: a history behind (and alongside) the official accounts, which provides us with greater insight on ancient medical practices and international relationships.
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