• Faculty and Staff Development as an essential component of the Charting a Pathway to Intellectual Leadership model

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    The diagram depicts some ways in which faculty and staff development offerings are essential components in the discovery and charting of various pathways to intellectual leadership. Such opportunities facilitate and help to map potential paths made of stepping stones and milestones on the way to the horizon. Faculty and staff development initiatives align and engage with Charting a Pathway to Intellectual Leadership (CPIL) categories: sharing knowledge, expanding opportunity, mentorship and stewardship that are outlined in the associated graphic "Values, Outcomes, and Activities of Intellectual Leadership" (See http://dx.doi.org/10.17613/y9cb-6b22). Development initiatives such as onboarding through the New Faculty and Academic Staff Orientation series, the Inclusive Pedagogy Initiative, and a variety of targeted workshops share information contributing to "greater transparency and accelerating creativity." The College Leadership Fellows initiative, New and Newish Administrators Group, and new staff professional development offerings expand opportunities through equitable and inclusive access to knowledge for career advancement and the creation of peer leadership networks. The College Mentoring Fellows program and Staff Appreciation and Awards Event represent opportunities for intellectual leaders to mentor others as well as to steward the institution through the all-important recognition of human beings and a job well done. The "TBA" here represents the practice of reflection and intentionality and the promise of recognizing and acting to meet future needs as an intellectual leader helping to guide others on their own pathway to intellectual leadership.
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