• Making Disciples by Performing Miracles: A Study in Mark

    Jonathan Rivett Robinson (see profile)
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    discipleship, miracles, Gospel of Mark, New Testament, Practical theology
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    Stimulus: The New Zealand Journal of Christian Thought and Practice, 2019. While the miracle accounts in Mark are frequently discussed in relation to the theme of Christology, their significance for discipleship is, in general, less developed. In this study on the Gospel of Mark I will attempt: 1) to show that Jesus’ miracles are linked to his ministry as a teacher, and thus discipleship; 2) to relate the Christological meaning of the miracles to discipleship; 3) to argue that Jesus performed his miracles in part as an example to his disciples; 4) to show how the miracles also function as formative parables that are to shape the disciples’ faith and understanding; and finally 5) to relate this survey to our present day context in twenty-first century Aotearoa. This short article will have the character of an overview, and so I do not pretend to be offering an exhaustive or detailed account. What I hope to do is persuade you, whether you agree with every detail or not, that the miracle accounts in Mark are a valuable source for reflection upon what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
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