• Establishing Efficient IT Operations Management through Efficient Monitoring, Process Optimization, and Effective IT Policies

    Ali T. Atieh (see profile)
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    Every organization is becoming increasingly reliant on IT that is available, dependable, secure, and high-performing. The ability of an IT team to run its operations efficiently is directly and completely contingent on its ability to deliver resilient IT. The IT team must be able to identify, prioritize, execute, and manage the processes that drive operational tasks and activities in particular. IT teams may reach such goals more efficiently and consistently with the help of effective IT Operation Management processes and solutions. This research attempts how efficiency can be attained. More specifically, we focus on three broad components of efficient IT Operation management: 1) efficient monitoring 2) process optimization 3) and effective IT policies. We find that there are three significant practices to achieve efficient monitoring. They are: Organizing and Prioritizing Alerts, Providing Processed Data in a Dashboard, and Selecting a Trustworthy Vendor Partner. We also find that there are four challenges in IT infrastructure monitoring: It is sometimes necessary to take a proactive approach; after all, that's what monitoring is all about. Here are some of the most typical monitoring difficulties that businesses, in general, and IT departments, in particular, face: Being beyond monitoring capacity, the ineffectiveness of outdated monitoring applications, increasing prices, and data capacity. IT process optimization technique identifies the most appropriate ways of satisfying an organization's technological and informational needs on a proactive (and non-responsive) basis, with the main goal of supporting it in the long-term development of value. This research also explains discusses forming efficient IT policies such as policies for IT emergency intervention and disaster recovery, Security policies for IT infrastructure.
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