• Feminist Revisions: An Emergent Model for DH in Libraries

    Anne Cong-Huyen, Miranda Marraccini, Caitlin Pollock (see profile)
    ACH 2021
    Feminist theory, Teaching, Women's studies, Library science, Information science, Libraries, Critical pedagogy, Academic libraries
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    Conference poster
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    Association of Computers and Humanities 2021
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    Association of Computers and Humanities
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    July 2021
    Service design, feminist praxis, digital humanities librarianship, digital humanities pedagogy, Digital scholarship, Feminist pedagogy, Feminist studies, Library and information science, Library
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    How can a library develop a collaborative digital scholarship service model and embed feminist critical pedagogy into our teaching, research, and support activities? As an alternative to existing models for digital humanities support in university libraries, our poster outlines a feminist, anti-racist, and equity-centered approach that we used in the formation of a digital scholarship services pilot at the University of Michigan Library. We focus on the three core programs that are developed and coordinated from within the DS Hub: (1) service model design, (2) digital pedagogy support, and (3) open data workshops and scholarship support. Through these three examples, we will demonstrate how these feminist and anti-racist principles manifest in practice around the values of consent, trust, and care. Even as we acknowledge our privilege as a unit of a resource-rich institution, we are working to ensure that our principles inform our priorities: valuing people, communities, and social justice over grant funding or prestige. Drawing from the work of The Consentful Tech Project and adrienne maree brown’s Emergent Strategy, we outline an experimental approach for building programs that are community-centric, accountable, and caring of the individuals and communities involved. Ultimately, this poster will show how access and public good is integral to the creation of a digital scholarship core team built on critical feminist values and practice. In representing our application of a feminist praxis to the University of Michigan Library digital scholarship services, we hope to examine and propose radical futures for an accessible and inclusive service model.
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