• Carrying on in a Pandemic: The Case of the Florida Digital Humanities Consortium (FLDH)

    Hélène Huet (see profile) , Barbara Lewis, Mia Tignor
    ACH 2021, Digital Humanists, Library & Information Science
    Digital humanities
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    Conference poster
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    ACH 2021
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    July 21-23 2021
    Florida, webinar, short interview, Conference, Collaboration
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    For this poster, we propose to highlight how the Florida Digital Humanities Consortium (FLDH) used the virtual environment necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic to reinvent itself through the creation of new content and outreach opportunities. FLDH is a collective of 16 institutions in the State of Florida that seeks to highlight the digital scholarship done statewide, while creating networking possibilities. In March 2020, FLDH planned to host its second annual conference at Flagler College in St. Augustine. However, like so many others, we had to cancel the conference and come up with a new plan. What followed is actually the will to reinvent FLDH. First, we will discuss the creation of the FLDH Webinar Series and the Short Interviews Series. Keeping in mind the goal to highlight the work done statewide (and beyond), we offered participants the opportunity to present their work via a webinar or short interview. Not only did it give a space for participants to discuss their work but it served to make FLDH known beyond Florida. Moreover, the pandemic motivated us to reconsider the structure and function of the Consortium. We realized we needed more involvement from our Executive Council and general membership. The poster will therefore also highlight four newly formed standing committees that will work to prepare for next year’s conference, develop more educational opportunities for members, and boost our communication.
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