• The Pre-Classical Pagan Worldviews based on Archeology and Extrapolation from Primary Bronze Age/Early Iron Age Texts

    David Olmsted (see profile)
    Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean archaeology, Alphabetic Akkadian, Pagan Studies
    Religions, History, Ancient, Paganism, Mediterranean Region, Social evolution
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    gobleki, Ancient religion, Ancient history, Ancient Mediterranean religions, Cultural evolution
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    Accurate knowledge of ancient Pagan culture has been lost because it was superseded by the Lordified, Revealed, Dualist (LRD) religious paradigm of the modern and classical eras. This lack of cultural understanding has corrupted archeological interpretation and prevented until recently the translation of the earliest alphabetic texts around the Mediterranean. This lack of understanding is still inhibiting the accurate translation of cuneiform and hieroglyphic texts beyond commercial and political subjects. In an attempt to overcome this problem, cuneiform scholars keep proposing ever more complex and esoteric grammatical rules in an attempt to get good and consistent translations over multiple texts but without success. Yet all that is really needed to better understand the Pagan past is an appreciation of present-day Pagan religious practices and the translation of ancient texts according to the strict scholar’s standard. This paper is the first reinterpretation of the Pagan past using these new tools. The result is the identification of the two ancient religious cultural paradigms corresponding to the hunter/gatherer and early agricultural eras which proceeded that of the empire building classical and modern eras. The textual information comes from previously untranslated archaeological Alphabetic Akkadian texts found across the Mediterranean and Levant (1800 to 400 BCE), Egyptian Pyramid texts (2400–2300 BCE), and Sumerian texts (2300 – 2000 BCE). The latter two text collections were composed just as the LRD paradigm was starting to replace the previous Ancient Pagan Paradigm in those competitive nation-state (empire making) cultures.
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