• Space and It’s Legal Space – The Legal Aspect of Remote Sensoring

    Medhiyaa Ramesh, School of Law, Sastra university
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    Data and information run the world and the society’s functioning is handicapped without data, analytics and information. Remote sensing process is a completely scientific and accurate means of scanning the earth & its resources for the development of science and humanity. The physical and geographical defects present in the earth, the space, air etc and other territorial investigations /mapping is determined through remote sensing too. However, the process may give rise to different issues between the individuals and the states, the states and the nation, two different nations etc. The research article discusses the different kinds of legal issues and challenges that are faced by the remote sensing agencies and the space industry. The article further covers various legislations, regulations and policies/acts that govern this process. The functioning of the legislations, the major provisions and the penalties for violating any of them are also dealt with in the article. The issues that are being debated include privacy violation, causation of damage, territorial disputes etc. The article also mentions and gives away a few suggestions on resolving these issues in a legal undisputed manner. the elaboration on acts and legislations to prevent such issues being caused and the strategies / means by which the legal issues could be settled are also focussed. The underlying principle in the article is that the responsibility of protecting the citizens, people and data is borne by the government of every nation and they must enact and follow stipulated, structured legislations to achieve the same. Keywords: Humanity, Remote sensing, Remote sensing agencies, legislations, regulations, violation.
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