• Determinants of Work Productivity among Selected Tertiary Education Employees: A PreCOVID-19 Pandemic Analysis

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    The work productivity of an individual is an organizational asset that can be equated to progress and success. It provides satisfaction to the employees, the organization, and other stakeholders. This study assessed the work productivity among selected employees from a tertiary education institution before COVID-19 pandemic. To accomplish this task, a total of 70 individuals participated in the survey with the use of the convenience sampling technique. This descriptive research study used an adapted and modified questionnaire from Buuri (2015) as a research instrument. For the statistical analysis, the study used SPSS 20 to compute and analyze the data. Results showed that the respondents came from both the administrative and faculty offices which belong to the age bracket of 21-30 years old; dominated by males and were single with 1-5 years in service. Based on their response, the respondents “agree” that they were productive in their work before the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, there were significant differences found in the work productivity when grouped according to demographic profiles. Furthermore, all the demographic profiles yielded direct and indirect relationship with work productivity. Regression analysis provided evidence that the department and sex were significant determinants of work productivity among employees. Based on the results, the researcher provided implications pertinent to the institution.
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