• How can the collection of an LGBTIQ+ library best meet information needs? Towards a collection development policy

    Isadore Auerbach George (see profile)
    Library science, Collection development (Libraries), Libraries--Special collections, Public libraries
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    City, University of London
    radical librarianship, critical librarianship, queer librarianship, Collection management, Queer studies, Collection development, Special collections, Practice-based research
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    Many public libraries in the UK may not be adequately meeting the information needs of LGBTIQ+ patrons. Research has shown that this is due to a variety of factors, such as slashed budgets, lack of staff knowledge and the lingering effects of Section 28, which sought to prevent the ‘promotion’ of homosexuality by Local Authorities. This study examines how Book 28 Library, a special library that seeks to address and advocate for these unmet needs, could formulate a collection development policy that would best further the library aims. In doing so, it looks at the literature on LGBTIQ+ information needs and best practice in collection development to see how policies can be targeted to create an effective collection of LGBTIQ+ materials for an LGBTIQ+ userbase. Practice-as-Research was used to create a collection development policy while providing insight into the thought processes that informed each section. This was successful: referring to the literature on LGBTIQ+ information needs and best practice in collection development during creation led to a policy that could usefully guide collection decisions. This research found that, while it is possible to create an effective policy in this way, there remains significant gaps in the research on LGBTIQ+ information needs and library service, especially in the UK. It is recommended that more research be undertaken in this area, and that practically-oriented research methods such as Practice-as-Research be used more in collection development to elucidate the links between academic theory and professional implementation.
    This dissertation was submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of MSc in Library Science. The research was constrained by the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Updates about the Book 28 Library project can be found at www.book28.weebly.com
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