• Filme über Vernichtung und Befreiung. Die Rhetorik der Filmdokumente aus Majdanek 1944-1945

    Natascha Drubek (see profile)
    Documentary Studies, Film Studies, Holocaust history, Soviet and Russian history and culture
    Motion pictures and history, Jewish Holocaust (1939-1945), Poland, Soviet Union, Documentary films--Production and direction
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    Film and history, Holocaust, Documentary production
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    In July 1944, the Red Army was advancing through Eastern Poland when they discovered the first traces of the camps. On reaching Lublin they found an enormous compound behind barbed wire in the city’s suburb of Majdanek. Embedded with the Soviet army were film crews, who made the first images of a Nazi camp, among them the "flight survivors" Olga and Aleksander Ford, the brothers Forbert, St. Wohl, as well as Roman Karmen. However, for many months not one single film shot from this “death factory” became available in a newsreel of one of the Allied armies. The late appearance of the Majdanek film material, 16 weeks after the opening of the camp, was more than a missed opportunity within film history. The Majdanek film documents missed their chance to alter the course of history proper. Be that as it may, the Majdanek footage had a considerable influence on all later cinematic representations of concentration camps. My book deals with the making of the films made in the camp Majdanek offering new insights into how the genocide of the European Jews was first documented on film, how it was suppressed, and why, where, and at which point in 1944 this happened. My research is based on a hitherto untapped type of source, the “assembly list” – a classified document accompanying every film can sent from the Soviet front to the documentary film studio Moscow.
    I uploaded the introduction to the book. You can download the book via SpringerLink without cost in your uni library if they have the eBook Package Social Science and Law (German Language): https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-658-30531-4
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