• Overseas Chinese Environmental Engineers and Scientists Association (OCEESA) Report, Special Issue, February 2005

    Matthew Coppen, Yung-Tse Hung, Wen-Chi Ku, Paul C. Li, Howard H. Lo, Brad Raymond, Yei-Shong Shieh, Lawrence Kong-Pu Wang, Rubin Yu, Pao-Chiang Yuan
    Yung-Tse Hung (see profile)
    Digital Books, Environmental Humanities, Foreign Language Teaching and the Environment, Sustainability, World-Ecology Research Network
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    This OCEESA report, which is special issue of OCEESA Journal (Overseas Chinese Environmental Engineers and Scientists Association Journal), is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Thomas To Shen 沈鐸博士. This report is OCEESA report number: OCEESA/JL-2005/22011, February 2005, ISSN 1072 -7248. Yung-Tse Hung, Permanent Executive Director, OCEESA, is editor of this report. This issue includes OCEESA profiles, OCEESA directors. This report also includes: (1) eulogy for Dr. Thomas To Shen, (2) Call for Abstracts, 10th MTEPC , (3) Report on the 20th Modern Engineering & Technology Seminar (METS) 2004, and (4) the 27th Biennial ROC-USA Business Conference 2004,November 11-16, 2004,Taipei, Taiwan, CIE-USA National Council Meeting Report. The report also includes 7 papers. (1) Lecture Trip Report: International Symposium on Environmental Management for Human Development, Baku, Azerbaijan, March 16, 2005, Pao-Chiang Yuan, (2) Birth of a Municipal Drinking Water Industry Users Group, Paul C. Li, (3) Recycling Technologies for Mercury Bearing Materials ,Yei-Shong Shieh, (4) Environmental Impact and Economic Development in China (in Chinese), Rubin Yu, (5) Report on Sabbatical Leave at Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia, in Spring Semester 2004, Yung-Tse Hung, (6) Disposal and Reuse of Treated Wastewater Effluents in Western Australia, Yung-Tae Hung, Brad Raymond, Howard H. Lo, (7) Water Contamination in Australia from Mining and Milling of Uranium Ores, Yung-Tae Hung, Matthew Coppen, Howard H. Lo. This report also includes OCEESA membership data, constitutions and by laws of OCEESA (5 November 2000 edition), constitutions and by laws of OCEESA (14 February 2006 edition), constitutions and by laws of OCEESA (27 October 2013 edition), membership application form, letter from Wen-Chi Ku to confirm Yung-Tse Hung OCEESA permanent executive director, letter from Lawrence Kong-Pu Wang to confirm Yung-Tse Hung OCEESA permanent executive director.
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