• Child Protection Policy Awareness of Teachers and Responsiveness of the School: Their Relationship and Implications

    Shallimar Bayucca, Edward Jimenez, John Mark R. Asio (see profile)
    Cultural Studies, Education and Pedagogy, Public Humanities
    Education, School management and organization, Collective behavior, Child care, Families--Political aspects
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    Child Protection Policy, School Management, Classroom, Educational administration, Childcare and family politics
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    In every institution in the country, there are countless stories of children being bullied, abused, or maltreated. This can happen inside a school or outside its premises. A child protection policy is a must to protect these children. This study assesses the child protection policy awareness of teachers and the responsiveness of the schools. It also wanted to know the relationship and program implications. The researchers used a descriptive-correlation research design with the survey as the primary data-gathering tool. 146 teachers from seven different schools in a city in Bulacan, Philippines took part in the survey. The study also adopted an instrument from Macatimpag (2018). To analyze the data, the proponents used mean, t-test, ANOVA, and Pearson-r. The results showed that teachers were aware of the Child Protection Policy program of the Department of Education. However, the responsiveness of the schools is not very high. There were significant differences in the results observed in the awareness of teachers and the responsiveness of the schools. In addition, there is a moderate relationship between the awareness of teachers in the Child Protection policy with the responsiveness of the school about the program. Based on the aforementioned findings of the study, the researchers have provided some implications of the study for future references.
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