• Leadership Crisis in Decision-Making Process with Reference to Declaration of Republic in Nepal: An Anthropological Perspective

    Sr. Advocate Khimlal Devkota (see profile)
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    The main purpose of this study is to examine the historical development of leadership and crisis in leadership in Nepal. The central research question is about leadership and its role in the decision-making process, that is, is a certain leadership really matching with the right time, right content and right decision? The method used for the study was a literature review through historical and archival content analysis in the process of review of literature. The declaration of Nepal as a republic is a historical political achievement. Sources shows that, the achievement could have been made even earlier in the 1950s, and onwards political movements. But republic was only declared on May 28th, 2008. Concepts of leadership, the decision-making process and leadership crisis relate with the declaration of republic which is the main concern of the study. Complexity Leadership Theory has been used in this study in an anthropological perspective. Leadership is a key for nation, which is always confronted with questions and challenges. It is because crisis has to be handled by the leadership and leadership itself indulges in crisis. Sometimes, crisis creates leadership and sometimes leadership handles the crisis but leadership indulges in crisis most of the time. Decisions have to be taken at an appropriate time. The matching of the right time with the right decision is usually appreciated. But a wrong decision at the right time is useless. A wrong decision at the wrong time is even more disastrous. The expectations of the people and societies are always for right decisions at right times regardless of situations and limitations of the leaders. Democratic leadership, democratic processes and pro-people decisions for strengthening democracy are core concerns of the study.
    Leadership Crisis
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