• The Anthroposophic Art of Ernesto Genoni, Goetheanum, 1924

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    Ernesto Genoni (1885-1975) trained for five years in classical art at the prestigious Brera Academy of Fine Art in Milan, Italy (Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera). Ernesto spent the year 1924 at Dornach, Switzerland, the headquarters of Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy movement, where he experimented with painting “in the anthroposophic way” under the tutelage of Rudolf Steiner. The works presented here are believed to be those works. Eleven images were recently revealed stored in a folder in a private collection). Ernesto Genoni was a pioneer of biodynamic and organic farming in Australia. He was the first Australian member of Rudolf Steiner’s Experimental Circle of Anthroposophic Farmers & Gardeners (joining in 1928). Ernesto and Ileen Macpherson founded and farmed Australia’s original ‘Demeter Farm’ (from 1935). Ernesto joined the AIF in Western Australia and served as a stretcher bearer on the killing fields of the Western Front in 1916, in the battles of the Somme and Pozières. From the battlefield, he was conscripted into the Italian Army, and he was eventually demobilised in Italy in 1919. In 1923 , Ernesto was still in Italy. From Milan, he wrote to Rudolf Steiner offering his labour for advancing the Anthroposophy project at Dornach. Ernesto arrived there early in 1924 and successfully applied to Dr Steiner for acceptance into the First Class (Erste Klasse der Freien Hochschule für Geisteswissenschaft). The First Class was Steiner’s new course of instruction in Spiritual Science for Anthroposophists who were established in their practice. Steiner held these classes in 1924. In 1926, Ernesto migrated to Australia. He founded the Michael Group in Melbourne (with Anthroposophy meetings beginning in 1928) for the study of Steiner’s works. He taught the First Class in Melbourne and Adelaide. The works presented here were first exhibited as Angels of the First Class: The Anthroposophic Art of Ernesto Genoni, Goetheanum, 1924.
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