• Effect of Performance Review and Faculty Development to Organizational Climate

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    Faculty performance review, faculty development, and organizational climate are an essential element of the educational institution. More importantly, the mentioned variables have certain connections and interplay with each other. This study describes the performance review, faculty development, and organizational climate of a tertiary education institution. This study used a descriptive-correlation design. 56 faculties took part in the survey using a convenience sampling technique. The researcher adopted and modified an instrument and subjected it to validity and reliability test using Cronbach Alpha which yielded an overall coefficient of .0968. The statistical tools used were: mean, t-test, ANOVA, Pearson-r, and regression analysis. With the help of SPSS 20, it analyzed the gathered data. The study found that the respondents observed faculty performance review contexts. Also, the respondents agreed on the unique perspectives of faculty development. Also, the respondents see that the organizational climate affects the faculty to a great extent. There were significant differences found in the three variables. There was a direct, positive relationship between the three variables of the study. In confirmation, the performance review predicts the organizational climate of the faculty. Based on the results of the study, the researcher suggested recommendations essential for the institution, human resource, and faculty.
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