• The Evolution of Japanese Women’s Status Throughout the History and Modern Japan’s Question: Are Japanese Women ‘Empowered’ Today?

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    Japanese society has stabilized gender roles strictly throughout history. An example of this case is that the Japanese community—today—necessitates a double standard. In contemporary Japan, women have to present themselves as ‘feminine beings,’ harboring women-like attributes. Japanese men, however, possess ‘masculine’ aspects, and they have to play the ‘masculine’ role to meet society’s expectations. Moreover, a more intriguing detail goes as although there have been periods including inclinations towards transformation in the Japanese community, it is plausible to claim that gender issues in Japan show correlation—and affinities—with Japan’s pre-historical eras. In other words, although there is a concept of stronger and more liberal Japanese women—especially within the urbanized metropolitan cities—the status of Japanese women, today, is not independent of Japanese women of the pre-modern and modern Japan. It is essential to observe the circumstances that surround Japanese women within the society by analyzing main historical periods that left significant marks upon Japanese identity. A comparison of Japanese women’s roles in today’s Japan and Japan’s more preceding years is achievable solely by comprehensive analysis and recognition of the women’s state during the more initial times of Japan. What is more, concerning the more preceding periods, it is plausible to discern an ‘evolution’ in the position of women, for there have been variations as a result of several historical eras.
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