• Runaway Quilt Project

    Deimosa Webber-Bey
    Roopika Risam
    Identity (Psychology), History, Race, Document markup languages
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    DPiH, DPiH Intersectionality, DPih Course Material or learning objects, Assignment, Annotation, Archive, Visualization, Data, Digital pedagogy, Identity, Text encoding, Gender
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    Curatorial note from Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities: Created for an assignment in Chris Alen Sula’s introductory digital humanities course at the Pratt Institute, Deimosa Webber-Bey’s Runaway Quilt Project provides an example of how students can draw on their personal experiences at the intersections of their own identities to develop a digital project in the context of a course. Drawing on her work as an African and African American studies scholar and experienced quilter, Webber-Bey explores the claim that quilts served as signs along the Underground Railroad through many forms of digital data analysis: data visualizations in Tableau Public, digital annotations using Digress.it, word-frequency analysis through Google Books Ngram Viewer, a timeline in TimelineJS, geospatial mapping using Leaflet Maps Marker, and network analysis in Cytoscape. Each method used in the project draws on material introduced in Sula’s course. This collection of assignments serves as an exemplar for how students can undertake multiple small-scale analyses to create a multipronged approach to a single research topic. Together, these modular pieces suggest how instructors can assist students in developing substantial projects on the complex intersections of race and gender by revisiting a data set through different research methods.
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