• Spanish-Language Life Histories Audio Wiki in Progress

    Sonja S. Mongar
    Kathi Inman Berens
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    Curatorial note from Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities: Esta Vida Boricua (“This Puerto Rican Life”) is a wiki of “ethnically rich” life writing told in spoken word, tying Puerto Rico’s “threads to Cuba, Dominican Republic, South America, England, Germany, Italy, France, China, United States, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Australia,” observes project founder Sonja S. Mongar. In Spanish and English, the wiki displays just one-third of its collected materials, because the project doesn’t have staff to load its multimodal assets. It seeks volunteers who might edit and post from remote locations. Esta Vida Boricua has a strong pedagogical orientation, with a tab specifically for educators. “Notes on Life Narrative,” for example, presents fifty-two life-writing classifications adapted from Sidonie Smith and Julia Watson’s Reading Autobiography. I chose this interface because, like many digital humanities passion projects, Esta Vida Boricua seeks ways to survive after the seed money is gone. The opposite of YouTube—the world’s largest repository of autobiographical stories—Esta Vida Boricua reminds us that interfaces unsupported by advertising can meet the challenge of interface preservation with volunteer labor.
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