• Understanding the Impact of Crisis Length on Authoritarian Leaders

    Yalın Akçevin (see profile)
    Political science
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    crisis length, authoritarian leaders, policy choices, Authoritarian Regimes
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    This study focuses on developing an understanding of the relationship between crisis length and leaders’ choices of different forms of – diplomatic, economic, or military – action in solving crises. The guiding question here is in what way does the length of a crisis affect authoritarian leaders’ choice between diplomatic, economic, or military policies to solve the crisis, the answer to which depends upon the length of the crisis as an independent variable and the policy choices of authoritarian leaders as the dependent variable. In order to test out this question, I construct a theoretical framework and use case studies to analyze the implications of theory through historical information. I argue that at the beginning of a crisis, authoritarian leaders are more inclined to take diplomatic or economic actions, whereas as the crisis becomes drawn out longer they tend to shift towards taking military action, because the initial peaceful economic or diplomatic action fails to generate the needed stimulus and military action is thus seen as a better source of stimulus to resolve the crisis.
    I have deposited this as an "article", however, please note that this was a term paper written for an undergraduate course titled "Leaders in International Relations". I have edited the file to remove any personal information - such as my student ID - and kept the body of the work intact in terms of content.
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