• Proyecto de creación de una Industria Básica de apoyo a la Fuerza Armada en Venezuela durante el Gobierno militar de Marcos Pérez Jiménez

    Germán Guía, Froilán Ramos R. (see profile)
    Global & Transnational Studies, History, Latin America and the Caribbean, US-Latin American Foreign Relations
    Venezuela, History, Latin America, Twentieth century
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    The period from 1948 to 1958, relating to the so called " military decade " in Venezuela, has been portrayed by the traditional historiography, as the big works of " I make concrete armed ", of pursuit and political violence. Slightly certain. But staying of side, several emptinesses, lagoons, for explaining and to understand in his just dimension, since this historical process was much more complex, and complicated, that the simple usurpation of the political power on the part of the military men. The military dictatorship 1948-1958, she has remained associated in the imaginary popular group, and also in some academic circles, associated with the accomplishment of public important works, with the modernization of the nation, " put into waist " on part a " strong man " of (general Marcos Perez Jiménez) uniform, which creative genius made possible the installation of the metallurgical basic industry. Nevertheless, there remain hanging questioning several provoked: there was really like that the process of formation of a basic national industry?, was it an act of divine benevolence the creation of this metallurgical project?, to what interests was it answering?, were they the Venezuelan military men the "chosen ones" for this task? Of these questions, they derive others, nevertheless, it is necessary to to clarify very in, that this academic investigation does not try tries to establish absolute truths, nor to generate unnecessary debates between civilians and military men, for it contradicts, proposes to offer an academic, alternative response, for the analysis of this historical problem.
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