• Research Data Management Plan Policy: Indonesian Researchers' Literacy and Behaviour as Postgraduate Students in the UK Universities

    Madiareni Sulaiman (see profile)
    Data curation, Electronic data processing--Management, Higher education and state, Research--Data processing
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    data literacy, data management plan, early career researchers, postgraduate students, Data management, Data sharing, Higher education policy, Research data management
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    Indonesian Institute of Science implements national scientific repository to store the raw data files of research in order to preserve the research sustainability. Based on the research data management lifecycles, the research’s scope of discussion is only limited to data management policy and planning. Data were collected through eight semi-structured interviews with researchers and research supporting staffs from various backgrounds. The interviews were transcribed and be the primary resources for identifying the objectives of the study. The result of this research is delivered in a narrative presentation about the participants’ view on their data management skills in conducting their dissertation or projects. Because the participants are from different backgrounds, the results of identifying their behaviour towards data management are relatively diverse. It is also based on their personality, knowledge, and policy that is delivered by the universities. The result of this study is that we could see that participants, who are working as researchers and being a student, mostly aware of the importance of managing data well, so do research supporting staffs who have administrative tasks. They got the understanding of RDM from induction or university training, especially in the context of data management policy and planning. Indonesia could also adopt the concept of RDM training, especially data management planning to RDM users. From the studies, it can be seen that socialisation and internalisation are vital to be delivered to the participants as the implementation of RDM and its regulation is mainly relied on the practicality of research activities that are conducted by them in the first phase, such as research proposal. The participants also suggested early career researchers put more attention on the regulation of data citation for acknowledgement, accessibility and data integration to help in executing the data management planning during research projects.
    This research is sponsored by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences and the Indonesian Endowment Fund for Education, Ministry of Finance. Data collection was conducted from June to July 2019 and analysed in August-September 2019. The final dissertation was reviewed by Prof. David Bawden as Supervisor.
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