• "Re-Envisioning Japan" DH project overview - MLA2020 Collaborative Round Table (DH in Japan & Korea Studies: Approaches and Challenges)

    Joanne Bernardi (see profile)
    2020 MLA Convention, Digital Humanities East Asia, Evaluating Digital Scholarship, Global DH, LLC Japanese since 1900
    Digital humanities, Japanese--Social life and customs, Digital preservation, Material culture, Japan, East Asia, Area studies, Motion pictures
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    \"Digital Humanities in Japan & Korea: Approaches and Challenges\"
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    LLC Korea Forum and LLC Japanese since 1900 Forum
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    MLA2020 Seattle
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    January 12, 2020
    Ephemera, inter-regional collaboration, Digital scholarship, Japanese culture, Digital archiving, East Asian studies, Film
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    Powerpoint presentation for the MLA2020 collaborative roundtable "Digital Humanities in Japan and Korea: Approaches and Challenges," organized by the LLC Korean and LLC Japanese since 1900 Forums. This brief introduction to "Re-Envisioning Japan: Japan as Destination in 20th Century Visual and Material Culture" was one of seven presentations by East Asian scholars working on Korea- and Japan-related DH projects, each targeting specific challenges to digital scholarship and pedagogy in these two fields. "Re-Envisioning Japan" is an open-ended DH project comprising a multimodal digital archive and a heterogeneous physical collection of Japan-related travel, education, and entertainment ephemera; it has a dedicated companion course, "Tourist Japan," a hands-on digital humanities lab course in which students complete assignments (e.g., "Object Encounters," slide 5) that bridge academic inquiry and curatorial skills. After a brief introduction of "Re-Envisioning Japan" (slides 1-3), I introduced three topics for discussion (summarized on slide 4) based on my experience in Japan-specific DH scholarship and pedagogy: (1) evaluation of digital scholarship in tenure and promotion, (2) sustainability and support for Japan-specific DH projects, and (3) rewards.
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