• Performance Evaluation of Private Commercial Banks of Bangladesh: A Trend Analysis

    Omar Faruque, Md. Shahinoor Rahman
    Alim Al Ayub Ahmed (see profile)
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    The study revealed the trend analysis of the private commercial banks and given an overview of the performance of private commercial banks of Bangladesh. Nowadays, the banking sector is the “lifeblood” of all economic activity. The study is empirical. To get the proper understanding about the trend of different variables such as, investment loan & advancement, total asset, total liability, total equity, profit after tax, return on investment, return on asset, and return on equity from 2013 to 2017 the sample was extracted from the scheduled commercial banks. The result shows that the banking system of Bangladesh is not running at a normal pace. The index of the various variable of PCBs has progressed in some years, but again it has been delayed for the next time. The ROI and the ROA result show the best output in 2014 and the worst in 2017. On the other side, the best return on equity shows in 2014, but it is in the lowest position in 2015 because of a sudden increase in an equity position. The trend of profit after tax is like a wave. In 2014 and 2016 it is increased than the last year. On the other hand, in 2013, 2015 & 2017 it is decreased in comparison to the previous year. The data shows that the PAT is rotated within 15,000 to 20000 million taka. It is studied that, the growth and development, as well as the performance trend, is not rhythmic. PCBs should get the proper rhythm of their development, and for the development of the state.
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