• Communication strategies in the new economy: the case studies of Wallapop, Westwing and Fotocasa

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    integrated marketing communication - new economy - advertising - public relations - digital marketing - growth hacking - communication strategy - 360 communication
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    Communication strategies, especially in the new economy, evolve in an increasingly accelerated way, to adapt to the complex and changing scenario of the interconnected network society. Based on the hypothesis of the existence of an approach to communication strategy 360º, heir to the integrated marketing communication approach, the article describes the communication strategies of three digital brands in Barcelona. The city is headquarters of the Mobile World Congress, with an interconnected ecosistem of startups and digital native brands. The results of this research come from three case studies (Wallapop, Westwing and Fotocasa), which show that its strategic planning consists of four phases (research, planning, execution and evaluation), coinciding with the Marston RACE model. The communicative strategy observed in these case studies focuses on the short term, with a growth hacker perspective, characteristic of the startup ecosystem, which takes advantage of the synergies between publicity and public relations actions. To carry out these communication actions, the digital native brands seek all the research and measurement tools at their disposal, which allow them to experiment in a controlled way and make decisions based on data, in a process of continuous learning and taking advantage of synergies between coordinated actions.
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