• Experiences of cooperative work in higher education. Perceptions about its contribution to the development of social competence

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    social competence, educational cooperation, emotional intelligence, professional competence, Action Research
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    The European Higher Education Area (EHEA) requires the development of key competences to respond to the demands of society and the labor market. Social Competence includes fundamental skills for quality social relationships in the personal and professional sphere. Cooperative Learning is identified as an appropriate method to achieve this goal. This article presents the experience of qualitative research during the 2009-2015 courses in which participatory action research is structured as an appropriate technique, since it researches the sample, a teaching methodology is designed based on the shortcomings and the effectiveness of learning due to the methodology is researched again. We present a case in which participatory action research has been applied to the field of university education in which adaptation to diversity is more precisely assured by the adequacy that it gives to the class under research. Besides, we present the results of the analysis of this piece of research and innovation, specifically, the perception expressed by the students about the degree to which cooperative teamwork contributes to the development of their Social Competence after participating in a Cooperative Learning experience. A type of applied research is designed, from a qualitative, non-experimental perspective, in the field of evaluation of results for decision making. 126 First and Fourth Grade students participate...
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