• Udāna or Buddha's Inspired Utterances

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    Udāna is the third book of the Khuddaka Nikāya, the last of the five nikāyas in the Sutta Pitaka. It consists of eight vaggas, with ten suttas in each, 80 suttas in total. Similarly to some other books of the Pāli Canon, in this collection each sutta is a combination of prose and verses called udānas, inspired utterances or uplifting utterances. Prose introductory described the situation that motivated Buddha to communicate his inspiration. Udāna starts with the events right after the Buddha's enlightenment and ends with the story of hist last meal. This is indication that this collection was structured with the plan. We also showed that first four chapters have clear internal connections, through concatenation or thematic unity of the individual chapters. In the second part of the collection, organizational principle of the material is not so easy to identify, which may signal later additions. We also saw that several topics connect this collection with other parts of the Pāli Canon, particularly with the Mahāparinibbāna Sutta and Vinaya Piṭaka. It is obvious that texts collected in the Khuddaka Nikāya belong to defferent strata in the development of the Pāli Canon. And for the Udāna, especially verses, we can say that together with some parts of Sutta Nipāta, Dhammapada or Thera‐ and Therigatha belong to the oldest layers of the Canon. Thus, this small collection of discourses give us the closest possible view into the Buddha's timeless teachings.
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