• Theoretical and Conceptual Framework for Digital Inclusion among Mathematics Education Students in Nigeria

    Joshua Abah ABAH (see profile)
    Computer literacy, Mathematics, Open educational resources, College teaching, Learning strategies
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    Digital Inclusion, Mathematics Education, Digital Divide, e-Adoption, Digital literacy, 21st-century digital culture, Teaching and learning in higher education
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    The term digital inclusion has been used to articulate the policy, research and practical efforts to look beyond issues of access to computers and the Internet and toward a more robust understanding of the skills, content and services needed to support individuals, families and communities in their abilities to truly adopt computers and the internet. Presently, the deep penetration of digital technologies into the fabric of society have boosted growth, expand opportunities and improved service delivery, resulting in a high level of connectivity between people, businesses and governments. This present review examines the theoretical and conceptual foundations of digital inclusion in light of developmental realities in Nigeria. Specifically, this review considers the framework for inquiry into the technological divide, the new psychological model of e-adoption within the context of the digital divide, the three-step path to engaging with the internet, and a model of digital literacy. The review also considers key conceptual definitions of digital inclusion, the stages of digital inclusion, and approaches to measuring digital inclusion. The implication of digital inclusion for mathematics education students and the Nigerian economy was also discussed.
    Chapter Six of Book of Reading published in Honour of Professor Nicodemus Ochani Agbulu (Deputy Vice-Chancelor Academics, Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria).
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