• Internet Skills as a Measure of Digital Inclusion among Mathematics Education Students: Implications for Sustainable Human Capital Development in Nigeria

    Joshua Abah ABAH (see profile) , Clement Onwu Iji
    Information literacy, Mathematics, Educational equalization, Education, Higher, Internet, Culture, Computer literacy, Sustainable development
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    Digital Inclusion, Internet Skills, Human Capital, Educational equity, Higher education, Internet culture, Digital literacy
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    Global technology penetration reports have consistently indicated high levels of digital technology adoption among Nigerian students. Considering that mathematics education students are being trained to manifest proficiency in vital areas of communication, information technology, critical thinking, leadership, teamwork, problem solving and entrepreneurship, the imperative of emphasizing the place of digital skills in their education is more relevant now than ever. Consequently, this study adopts a survey research design to provide detailed background information of component indicators of digital literacy among a sample of 215 Mathematics Education students drawn randomly from a Federal University in North Central, Nigeria. The Digital Access Index (DAI) and the Measure of Internet Skills (MOIS) were used as standardized measures of digital inclusion, with data analyzed using mean, standard deviation and simple charts. The findings of the study indicate that the status of digital inclusion among mathematics education students in Nigeria is high. The implications of this outcome for sustainable human capital development were discussed. Evidently, the level of internet skills revealed in this study is an indication that despite existing context in Nigeria, youths will continue to negotiate and chart their way to political participation and economic success.
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