• Cosmophenomenology: The Alterity and Harmony of Consciousness as Emergent Dark Energy

    Wanyoung E. Kim (see profile)
    Philosophy of mind, Philosophy, Metaphysics, Consciousness
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    My thesis is primarily about metaphysics: the ontology of consciousness. I prove that consciousness, otherwise known as the soul, is the emergent property of dark energy, not ordinary matter, that retains its form as quantum information regardless of the death or ordinary matter. It is polymorphous, expressible as biophotons of light as well as waves. The constitution of consciousness as dark energy is radical because it also explains why waves change to photons in the presence of consciousness. Dark energy is surmised by physicists to be Einstein’s cosmological constant because it shapes the relativity of spacetime, dictating the behavior of atoms and light photons and also existing in a void. The mistake of materialists is to equate the 4% of the universe that dark energy literally moves about, to the force itself which constitutes over 70% of the universe. Dark energy and ordinary matter are highly different in constitution, but curiously interact psycho-kinetically. Dark energy is responsible for the very expansion of space between galaxies and smaller objects like brain neurons. In place of classical physics which cannot be used to study quantum energy, I use the approach of cosmophenomenology (physics and phenomenology) to study the ontology of consciousness. Cosmophenomenology, a term first coined by Danish theologian and philosopher K.E. Løgstrup, is used to describe an approach that extends the traditional phenomenology of Edmund Husserl to include the relation between human beings and reality as a whole (nature) from the point of view of the universe, rather than simply human-to-human relations. As such, it extends beyond anthropocentric and speciesist views of consciousness. I am using the approach of cosmophenomenology specifically to discuss the alterity and harmony of consciousness as dark energy, and the necessary relation it has with quantum mechanics and multiple worlds.
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