• Working Group in Digital and New Media Annual Report 2013-2014

    William Caraher (see profile)
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    The 2013-2014 academic year was exceptionally productive for the Working Group in Digital and New Media. Members of the Working Group delivered numerous papers, wrote grant proposals, won grants, submitted articles, forged new collaborations, and published and performed digital datasets, games, and new pieces of music. The Working Group sponsored a half dozen lectures of the past two academic years and gathered both formally and informally to share ideas, socialized, and collaborate. We also mourned the passing of the Chair of the Working Group in Digital and New Media, Joel Jonientz (Art and Design). His imprint and collaborative spirit shaped much of what the Working Group accomplished over the last three years. Members of the Working Group have been involved in a range of collaborative ventures across campus. Van Eck and Dessel have partnered with colleagues in science education, biology, and physics. Pasch and Caraher have contributed to the ongoing renaissance at North Dakota Quarterly. Many Working Group members extended their collaborative work beyond the UND campus to include international organization, peer institutions, local partners, and global artists. Capitalizing Working Group's global connections, they hosted an virtual speakers series that brought major contributors to digital history, digital anthropology, and digital humanities to campus via Skype. University of Richmond President and Presidential Humanities Medal recipient Ed Ayers attracted over 80 students and faculty to hear his talk.
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