• Working Group in Digital and New Media Annual Report 2010-2011

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    The Working Group in Digital and New Media emerged as the result of funding awarded from the President’s 2009 call for collaborative and transdisciplinary white papers in his New Initiative funding program. The Working Group is dedicated to the support and development of digital and New Media projects across the disciplines on campus. Since 2009, the Working Group has developed laboratory space uniquely suited to collaborative digital and new projects developed across campus. To date these projects have involved the departments of Art and Design, Music, History, Languages, Instructional Design and Technology, English, Communication, and Computer Science, as well as the Chester Fritz Library, ND EPSCOR, and the ITSS High Performance Computing Cluster. Faculty and students have produced a dynamic and diverse group of projects ranging from video game, video shorts, robust digital archives, musical compositions, to online and gallery museum exhibitions and collections, and blogs. In the hyper-competitive realm of non-STEM funding, the collaborative infrastructure Working Group in Digital and New Media gives faculty in the arts and humanities a significant edge. The transdisciplinary work of the Working Group will continue to leverage the common space of the Working Group Laboratory to expand collaborative research and creative activities on campus.
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