• The Institutional Review Board and Research in Writing Studies

    Johanna Phelps-Hillen (see profile)
    2018 MLA Convention
    Methodology, Research, Research--Methodology, Technical writing
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    2018 MLA Convention
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    New York, NY
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    January 4-7, 2018
    public policy, research ethics, technical writing, Research methods, Writing studies
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    This presentation reports on the results of a discipline-wide survey regarding public policy knowledge and application in technical communication. Participants (N=269) from Writing Studies, broadly construed, and a subset of participants from ATTW specifically, provided information about their perceptions of and experiences with 45 CFR Part 46, or the policy that mandates the existence of Institutional Review Boards for organizations supporting human subjects research. These findings provide generalizable data for ATTW members and affiliates regarding best practices for engaging with institutional infrastructures, particularly Institutional Review Boards. In January 2017, this federal policy was updated for the first time in 26 years. Because many of ATTW’s researchers and educators engage with human subjects research to improve their teaching and make claims about the discipline and its reach, this policy is part of the “vascular system” of our work. This presentation offers not only interesting findings from the original dataset, but also take-aways for engaging with the updated policy- not only in terms of process, but in relation to local implementation and document design and policy implementation. Recognizing the unique position technical communicators have, particularly when affiliated or housed within humanities-oriented disciplines, this presentation offers attendees heuristics not only for re-envisioning and conducting research with human subjects, but also for educating the next generation of technical communication practitioners and researchers.
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