• Zur ästhetischen Umsetzung von Musikvideos im Kontext von Handhelds - eine Einführung

    Hans Giessen, Henry Keazor, Thorsten Wuebbena (see profile)
    Art, History, Mass media--Study and teaching
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    Zur ästhetischen Umsetzung von Musikvideos im Kontext von Handhelds
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    Saarland University
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    music video, Art history, Media studies
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    MuViKon 11 took place in Saarbrücken at Saarland University’s Institute of Art History in October of 2011. A conference devoted to music videos, MuViKon 11 built upon MuViKon 8, which took place at the Goethe-University in Frankfurt (http://muvikon08.net). Whereas MuViKon 8 dealt primarily with the past and present of the music video, and raised only a few questions about the future of the music video medium, contributors to the 2011 conference devoted themselves exclusively to the future of the music video. Funding provided by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Council: DFG) helped launch a new interdisciplinary research project titled "Handheld? Music Video Aesthetics For Portable Devices" (http://portablemvs.net). As a three year research program, this project will examine the production of music videos that are destined for Television and handheld mediums such as smartphones and tablet-PCs. As a kick-off-event for the first phase of this research project, MuViKon 11 served as a round-table workshop designed to describe where the reception of music videos currently stands and to question future developments. The attendance of experts from different subject areas (Art History, Media-, Music-, Film-, Technology- and Information Science and Software Development) afforded an account of the state of research from different angles and many new questions were raised.
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