• Towards Dynamic Variorum Editions

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    Gregory R. Crane
    Bridget Almas (see profile) , Alison Babeu, David Bamman, Federico Boschetti, Lisa Cerrato, Gregory R. Crane, Brian Fuchs, David Mimno, Bruce Roberston, David Smith
    Data Rescue
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    White paper
    Tufts University
    Digging into Data, NEH Digital Humanities, NEH White papers, Interdisciplinary studies
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    Building upon collaborations between computer scientists and classicists across three countries, we propose to build a framework that combines emerging technologies and large collections to provide for every surviving Greek and Latin author scalable, sustainable information that can exceed the breadth of traditional bibliographic databases for an entire field and the depth of traditional variorum editions for individual authors and works. We can furthermore identify patterns in the changing reception of and scholarship about Greco-Roman antiquity with greater power and flexibility than was feasible with traditional methods. The work proposed here will demonstrate and analyze the significance of these new methods. Our hypothesis, based on years of development with smaller collections, is that we can now see a wholly new generation of services that better address the most traditional goals of scholarship, are customizable to the needs of far broader audiences, and are much more practical to maintain over time.
    This project supports the creation of a framework to produce "dynamic variorum" editions of classics texts that enable the reader to automatically link not only to variant editions but also to relevant citations, quotations, people, and places that are found in a digital library of more than one million primary and secondary source texts. The project team includes members from Tufts University, the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Imperial College, London, and Mount Allison University.
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